New Moon Box
New Moon Box

New Moon Box

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Our New Moon Blessed Be Boxes are individually curated for each new moon, so each New Moon box will be different. These boxes were designed to empower you to honor the moon cycle and manifest your desires. Made with products to support you through the moon cycle, and aligned with the astrological energies of that very day.

Order now and receive our full astrological write-up, with personal details about what you can expect for the new moon according to where it falls in your natal astrological chart. The Libra New Moon Box ships in October!

The new moon in Libra will give us something to celebrate, as will the full moon on
Halloween/Samhain! The deep inner transformations that started earlier this year will
reach a peak. Tests will be presented to some, and society may have a few more bumps in the road.
If we’re not connected with our spirits, we may fear these times. However, despite
some of the heavier aspects, we’ll have luck, love, and positive energy in spades. We’ll also be given courage and the ability to face these uncertain times. Peace is highlighted at this time too. We have the opportunity to redefine our lives with the power of positive change.
We’ll pack the Libra new moon boxes with so many supportive items and lots of love
so you can create vibrant positive change on this powerful new moon.

Sign up now and receive insights on where the October new moon falls in your natal chart and what it means for you! Your box will be packed with specialty altar items like, a candle, gemstone jewelry, crystals, a magical herb, an aromatherapy blend, pure incense, and other high quality items like soaking salts or teas, all made with organic ingredients. You’ll also receive a ritual so you can weave your desires into the fabric of the universe.  

  • Every New Moon Box contains 6-9 items with a value of $77 or more and ships free!
  • Always Vegan & Cruelty free!