Wheel of the Year Box

Wheel of the Year Boxes

Our Wheel of the Year Boxes give you everything you need to celebrate the solstices, equinoxes, and the cross-quarter holidays. Subscribe now to get a shipment of goodies, including an aromatherapy blend, a candle, gemstone jewelry, a crystal, an herb, altar items, a ritual to honor the holiday, and more. 

If you’re a beginner, and are looking to learn more about basic witchcraft and the historical celebrations, the Wheel of the Year is a great place to start. With eight boxes per year, these rituals are well-spaced out, but regular enough to get a feel for the energies of the seasons. They provide wonderful information on using the tools of witchcraft and help you use different magical methods. Consider them a primer to jump start your regular practice. 

Join us for our next Wheel of the Year box, shipping late January!


Our next holiday will be Imbolc with the theme Sacred Fire. The Sacred Fire Box will be packed with eco-safe goodies including an organic essential oil blend from Awaken Essential Oils and crafted with this ritual in mind, an eco-palm wax candle made with organic essential oils, bath salts with herbs inspired by the ritual, a stone that resonated with the frequency of the higher self, and much more!

Check back with us for more of the Wheel of the Year box offerings!