New Moon Box

Our New Moon Blessed Be Boxes are designed to empower you to honor the moon cycle and manifest your desires. They're packed with products that are aligned with the new moon energies to support you throughout the moon cycle. Each New Moon Box is individually curated, with items chosen to resonate with those specific energies of the new moon. 
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Integration is the theme for our next box for the New Moon in Aquarius. The new moon in Aquarius wants us to find emotional balance and insights on our life paths. With insights from the tarot card Temperance and the current astrology, we can rise above turbulent emotions and integrate more soul and purpose into daily lives. The items in this box were chosen to support transcendence and cultivate peace.  We’ll be sure to pack it with goodies, astrology, a ritual, and a special meditation link to help you navigate the emotions of the Aquarius new moon.

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  • Every New Moon Box contains 6-9 items with a value of $77 or more and ships free!
  • Always vegan and cruelty-free!