Q: What are your candles made of?
A: The candles we use may be made of pure eco-palm wax, coconut wax, soy wax, or another sustainably harvested wax. We never use paraffin or petroleum-based waxes or candles. We also do not use beeswax.
Q: Are your essential oils organic? 
A: Yes--all of our essential oils are organic, so you don't have to worry about any pesticides or herbicide exposures from us.
Q: Are all of your products vegan? 
A: Yes!
Q: Do you use any artificial fragrances? 
A: All of our products are made of natural plant materials. We never use artificial fragrances in any of our products. This includes our essential oil blends, our incense, bath salts, teas, and any other products we may include. 
Q: What are your beliefs? Are you Wiccan? 
A: We are eclectic in nature, but not specifically Wiccan. We do use some Wiccan-based terminology, practices, and beliefs in our rituals, however, you don't have to believe in anything in particular to use our boxes. All of our rituals are eclectic and non-denominational. You don’t have to be in any tradition to use them. We use some historical aspects in some rituals, but give you the freedom to do what you wish.

We believe the most important part of a ritual is what you put into it. To that end, we do everything we can to empower you to create your best ritual. This includes providing cleansing tools and instructions, as well as instructions that can be understood by the most beginner person.

Let us know if you have any additional questions by contacting us